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  • The Twin shaft mixture offer among the most advance mixing solution of capable
  • Of handling from high to zero slump concrete it consist of two horizontal shafts with
  • Arms and paddles
  • Arms are made from alloy steel & tips are made from NI-IV Material.


  • Control over various functions such as power control, automatic batch control, distribution power control, sequence control, mixture/skip hoist control, dosage control, moisture control with weigh compensation, cycle control, concrete plasticity control, reports etc
  • The recipe editing of the batch as well as the data change, delete & copy functions are included
  • Full featured auto and manual calibrations of all weighing units can be done.
  • It also shows stock invoices and delivery notes.
  • User friendly PLC base data controller is used and SCADA is available as optional.


  • Bulk cement silo is enclosed tank storage of bulk material suitable for storing cement, fly ash and other bulk materials.
  • It is mainly used as cement storage tank of concrete mixing plant.
  • It is equipped with level indicator in order to monitor the material level and amount.
  • With the screw conveyor, the materials can be conveyed to a certain position from the silo.
  • It is very easy to transport & convenient to set up at the site.
  • Silo design inhibits the moisture entry, hence it is feasible.
Model Tanker Diameter Tanker Height Total Tanker Height Mixer Capacity Screw Conveyor Diameter
50 T 3 M 5.4 M 12 M 0.5 M3 Dia. 219
80 T 3 M 9 M 15.6 M 0.75 M3 Dia. 219
100 T 3 M 11.4 M 18 M 1.0 M3 Dia. 219


  • Total 4 nos. of bin are used made from mild steel.
  • Heavy structured use in order to store required volume of aggregate.
  • Dual gates pneumatic cylinders are used for each bin for achieving accuracy and efficiency of the each batch.
  • Easy to Installed in less time with in Heavy Bordered Beading Edge.
  • To facilitate easy loading of aggregate bins are constructed with heavy beading edge.


  • This is placed on the top of the mixer frame.
  • The cement weigh hopper is suspended on the load cells fixed to the rigid structure above the platform of mixer.
  • In order to facilitate easy flow of cement, an electric vibrator is installed.


  • This hopper holds the aggregate batch that has been transferred by the inclined conveyor through the weighing conveyor.
  • The aggregate held by the holding hopper is transferred to the mixer via pneumatic gates placed at the discharge of the hopper.


  • This water weigh hopper is placed above the mixer holding water of appropriate quantity.
  • It is suspended on the load cells fixed to the rigid structure above the mixer platform.


  • This belt conveyor has been placed below the aggregate dual gates to weigh the batch
  • Conveyor is driven by SMSR type geared motor which is suspended on shear beam type load cells.
  • For the trouble free weighing batch of aggregates, internal belt scrappers are used.
  • Skirt board and ow adjuster ensures smooth & effective transport of aggregates to the transfer conveyor.
  • Belt is covered by skirting for accurate weighing and to avoid spillage.


  • This aggregate conveyor acts as a bridge between weighing conveyor and holding hopper that is placed on the top of the mixer.
  • The material from the weighing belt is passed on to this transfer conveyor belt to transfer the batch in to hopper.
  • This belt is chevron type & having hold back for instant stoppage.


  • This unit is also placed on the top of the mixer suspended by the load cells fixed to the rigid structure above the mixer platform.
  • Angle type solenoid valve and pneumatic dispensing system are the parts of this unit.

Salient Features

  • Concrete batching/mixing plant is a fully automated plant with the capacity of 30/45/60 m3/hr.
  • It has an automatic electronic operation with PLC control.
  • Different mixing units are available like single shaft, twin shaft, PAN, and planetary type mixers.
  • Aggregate is stored in the Inline bins.
  • Fast, accurate & reliable weighing system for major inputs.
  • Independent weighing system for aggregate, cement, and water for accurate dozing.
  • Eco-friendly technology.
  • Transported easily.
  • Easy erection & commissioning
  • Low maintenance & less power requirement

Technical Specification

Inline Bin M3 6 8 12.5
Nos. of Bins Nos 4 4 4
Nos. of Load Cell Nos 4 4 4
Load Cell Cap. KG 2000 2000 2000
Bin Belt type & width MM Plain - 800 Plain - 800 Plain - 800
Inclined Con. Belt type & width MM Chevron -800 Chevron - 800 Chevron - 800
Mixer Type Turbo Pan / Twin Shaft Turbo Pan / Twin Shaft Turbo Pan/Twin Shaft
Mixer HP 30 40 50
Waiting Hopper Capacity N.A. N.A. N.A.
Mixer Capacity M3 0.5 0.75 1
Batch Size M3 0.5 0.75 1
Cement Weigher Capacity KG 300 450 750
Water Weigher Capacity LTS 200 200 300
Butter Fly Valve for Cement MM 250 250 300
Butter Fly Valve for Water MM 100 200 200
Additive Capacity LTS 15 15 15
Additive feeding Pump HP 1 1 1
Water Feeding Pump HP 2 3 3
Air Compressor 3 5-Mar 7.5
Load Cell for Water Weigher KG 500 x 3 500 x 3 500 x 3
Load Cell for Cement Weigher KG 500 x 3 500 x 3 500 x 3
Load Cell for Additive Weigher KG 50 50 50
Screw Conveyor MT 168 - 7.5 / 10 219 - 10 / 12 219 x 12
Screw Conveyor HP 7.5 / 10 12.5 12.5
Manual Feeding Hopper Capacity M3 1 1 N.A.
Plant Discharge Height MM 3900 3900 3900
Operator Cabin FT 5' X 5' X 7' 5' X 5' X 7' 8' X 6'5" X 7'
Total Connected Load HP @65 @90 @125
Aggregate storage Type Compartment Compartment Compartment
No. of bins NOS 4 Nos 4 Nos 4 Nos
Aggregate weighing NOS 3 Nos 3 Nos 3 Nos
Concrete discharge height M 3.9 4.1 4.1


Cement /Fy Ash storage Microwave Moisture Meter
Conveying Systems Scada System with software

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