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What Is Waste Tyre Recycling Plant?


Since increase in the vehicles, There has been consistently rise in the land, water, & air pollution. Today’s major aspect affecting living beings drastically is this rise in harmful pollution caused due to various products left ignored in the environment leading to huge landfills. And one of the products out of these wastes is “Tyre waste” caused due to increased use of vehicles day by day. To solve this problem, engineers have come up with the solution of machinery that converts waste tyres into oil (same as L.D.O) called as “WASTE TYRE RECYCLING PLANT”. It is also known with other name called “WASTE TYRE PYROLYSIS PLANT”.

About Waste Tyre Recycling Plant Machine

With the use of waste tyre recycling plant one can reduce large quantities of scrap tyres & in turn can help environment by reducing waste dumps. The entire machinery of Tyre plant is made from iron plates. Reactor is the core & heart of this machine. There are various parts in this Tyre machine but the main are:

  • Reactor
  • Tanks
  • Condensing System
  • Chimney With Scrubber System & Blower
  • Oil Collecting System

The process of recycling scrap tyres is mainly carried out in the reactor. It is completely anaerobic process which occurs in absence of oxygen. Different types of tanks helps in condensation process of tyres & collection of oil. Condensing system includes condensing pipes with cooling tower that helps to condense hot oil vapors produce due to heating tyres in the reactor at the temperature of 250-300 degree Celsius. Chimney removes black smoke & harmful gas at the height of 100 feet & blower helps to cool down the reactor at faster pace. Oil is lastly collected into two different oil tanks of different capacity. Different models of Waste Tyre recycling plant has been launched like RC MODEL (Reactor capsule), RF MODEL (Reactor flat), RFC MODEL (Reactor flat cum capsule), Full door reactor, Half door reactor etc. with various capacities ranging from 5 ton-20 ton.

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant – Process & Products

Either tyre strips/Whole tyre/Tyre blocks are feed in to the reactor to its fullest capacity. Temperature is raised in the reactor up to 250-300 degree Celsius. As the process is anaerobic hence the vapors generated at high temperature is allowed to condense by passing through various cooling pipes & tanks to get oil(45%) in the last collecting oil tank. Along with this main product i.e. oil, other three by-products are also generated:Steel (15-20%) B) Carbon(30-35%) C)Hydrocarbon gas(5-8%). Waste tyre recycling plant is a complete “zero waste plant” as the product as well as byproducts can be either sold directly to their respective dealers or can reused in the same plant. Hence the profit is double & the issue of pollution can be resolved.

Pollution control norms

We, FABHIND Company have designed the waste tyre recycling plant in such a manner that it mostly covers all the PCB( pollution control board) norms declared by government of different states. FABHIND has supplied nearly 500+ plants all over India as well as in foreign countries. In case of Waste tyre recycling plant machinery, FABHIND has attained mastery as the services & solutions we provide are non-comparable. Also we provide customize plant with advance techniques for attaining ease in operating & maintaining the plant. Safety & customer satisfaction are our prime goals.